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Testimonials from LinkedIN.com:

Software Launch Project Manager

“Chris is a skilled and eager project manager and has constantly been using his talents to match the right resources at Avanade to various projects. He is also proactive in reaching out to ensure that projects are staying on schedule and is always helpful in eliminating roadblocks to a successful delivery.”    March 14, 2012

Newton Chan, Consultant, Solution Development, Avanade

Worked indirectly for Chris at Avanade


“Chris is very detailed oriented and tireless in his work and represents the company with a high degree of integrity and competence. He has successfully lead high complex projects from inception to post delivery. He has also taken on challenging projects already in midstream onto successful completion. Chris is very communicative, collaborative and a pleasure to work with.”      January 3, 2012

Stéphane Fréchette, Business Intelligence Service Line Lead Canada, Avanade (Joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture)
–Worked with Chris at Avanade



“My time with Avanade was memorable because of the great people like Chris. He was my project scheduler. He was a mentor, coach and good listener. My transition between projects was made smooth with the timely advises and direction from Chris. A great person to work with.”     

F Ozman, Application Architect – Consultant, Avanade
–Worked with Chris at Avanade



“Chris is a VERY helpful individual who is always willing to assist whenever you reach out to him. You can count on Chris’s calm & ability to steer through tough and pressurized situations. Further Chris brings valuable Project management experience to the table and he is quite knowledgeable within the area of program management.

Chris is a detailed oriented, customer focused and a valuable asset to any organization. Chris will do whatever it takes to get the job done. It has been a pleasure working with Chris.”

Farhan Khan, PMP, Principal Consultant, Avanade (Accenture & Microsoft Joint Venture)
–Worked with Chris at Avanade


“Chris is an excellent project coordinator and fantastic team player. He is reliable, trustworthy, and bright. His technology background and experience allows him to match technical requirements of the position to be filled to the skill set of potential candidates. He is one of the few project coordinators that I know who possess both technical and people skills. It was pleasure working with Chris.”June 8, 2009

Slava Litvinenko, Sr. Consultant – Business Intelligence, Avanade
–worked with Chris at Avanade


“I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Chris for over a year at Avanade and found him to be a consummate professional who is able to balance the needs of the business with those of the individual. Chris brings unique blend of recruiting, broader HR topics and technology experience to his role, which enables him to address requirements and challenges directly and efficiently. He is reliable, on-the-ball and someone who always gets the job done!”June 4, 2008

Laura Alfano Victoria, Recruiting Manager, Avanade Canada
–Worked directly with Chris at Avanade


“I have no hesitation in recommending Chris in light of the great work he performed in Avanade. I found him to be very responsive, pro-active and resourceful in his business dealings and I have no doubts concerning his high level of integrity and professionalism. I was very pleased with his great human relations skills and results he achieved.”May 23, 2008

Igor Blyuss, Sr. Solution Developer, Delivery Lead, Consultant, Avanade
worked with Chris at Avanade


“Chris was a very skilled and bright project coordinator and based on his talent to match the right Avanade IT people to the various projects, all project accounts were covered with the right resources at any time.

Dan Patrichi
IT Solution Architect at BMO —  March 30, 2008

Dan Patrichi, IT Consultant (Solution Developer), Avanade Inc
worked directly with Chris at Avanade


“I worked with Chris as an consultant and he by far has the best understanding as what his clients need. He is very astute and knowledgeable in his domain. It was a pleasure working with him.” February 24, 2006

Mayukh Gon
–was Chris’s client


“I have known Chris for over three years and have found him to be not just a great professional who dedicates himself to his job and goes beyond the call of duty to try to get the best for his clients. I can say that Chris has not only been my recruiter but my friend in every sense of the word. I would be willing to stake my own reputation for him in regard to his abilities.”November 10, 2005

Eduardo Harari
–was Chris’s client


“MIC Consulants inc has worked with Chris & had a successful deals in IT Staffing .”   September 24, 2005

Tony Peters,
Partnered with Chris


“I recently worked with Chris as a candidate for a senior level position. Chris is be very professional, helpful, frank and knowledgeable about the job requirements. I highly recommended Chris.”June 26, 2005

Michael Young
–was Chris’s client


“I appreciated Chris taking the time to speak with me about the current IT market, and to discuss possible career options for the future. He was extremely helpful, and seemed to have a good grasp on the current market situation and provided excellent feed-back on employer requirements. I look forward to working with him in the future.”June 9, 2005

Tina Chase
–was Chris’s client


“Chris has a unique technical and HR background.
He supports the personal and professional growth of the clients and candidates he works with. I consider him reliable, disciplined, and tenacious in helping get the job done. His professionalism and command of all IT Technologies we handled were exemplary and I would be pleased to both recommend him and to work with him again in the future.”June 2, 2005

Anand Daté
was Chris’s client